Update August 4, 2020:  Summer Service Opportunity – #ConnectthroughKindness


Thank you St. Paul’s for being Connected through Kindness!

COVID-19 has led to many people and organizations needing extra help. While we are social distancing, let’s connect through kindness. The goal of this project is to make a difference in our community through acts of service that we can complete from our homes. Join us this summer as we connect through kindness!
Questions? email Jodi Stuermer or Amy Heitman.
August 4: 

Carol and Coy made a delivery of school supplies for Neighborhood House.

July 30:
Erin Millerschin, Olivia Millerschin, and Rick Kress delivered bird feeders and bird seed to the Pomeroy Assisted Living Unit in Rochester for the enjoyment of residents. Thanks to Renee from Pomeroy for meeting us to accept the goodies. And thanks to Marilyn Kress for doing the shopping!  See Video
July 28:

Dalton is helping his grandmother with her gardening.

Here is a picture of Sophia dropping off school supplies at Neighborhood House for #Connectthroughkindness.

Camille lent her stand up blow dryer and Velcro sleeved shirts to Kathy Walton when she fractured her arm. What a life saver this is for Kathy. Camille has lent other items to friends in need during their recovery from surgery , as well. Thanks Camille for your acts of service!

Carol donated school supplies for Blast off 2 School program.

Jacob wanted to donate calculators and dry erase for the Neighborhood House.

Haley opted for blue calculators, binders and folders😊

Nancy and Dana participated in a Virtual 5K to support Meals on Wheels & looking forward to doing Scare Away Hunger for Neighborhood House in the fall!

Marilyn Kress has made 52 face masks for Rochester Area Neighborhood House.

Some will fit very young children. And I have sizes for other ages through high school age.

I picked up my old neighbor in Oxford and took him out to lunch.  We used to do this regularly, but have met face to face since February.  He’s 85 and his relationship to family is distant.  We’ve regularly talked on the phone, but decided do lunch yesterday.  We spent an hour eating and  chatting at Tammy’s in Oxford.  Good for both of us to do something more normal.  GCF

Sandy and Terry Heller delivered our school supplies to the library today.

Family Life Class donated $450 to RANH Scare Away Hunger Race. They used the money donated throughout the year from their “blessings box. “

Donna H. Prepared meals for a grieving family.

Karen Reynolds paid the bill for the person behind her at McD’s last Monday.
Her daughter (Sarah), grandson Jack) and Karen made all these masks for their friends and neighbors.

Bob Avery taking a turn caring for the Community Garden where all harvest of the produce goes to Neighborhood House.  Many others assist with this garden project under the leadership of Rob Patten.

Granddaughter Grace helps Grandfather Garry clean the garage. Now it sparkles!!

Mary Ann Avery has sewn 53 masks For Neighborhood House for their School Bell Program.

July 23: 

A very generous lady donated 7 items each day in this 7th month of the year. These included groceries to RANH food pantry  and several bags of clothes to RANH and Grace Center of Hope. She is also selling items on Facebook and putting all the money toward buying back to school items for RNH. What a great idea!

More notes to the essential workers with gift bags.

More items purchased for the school supply drive.

Krista is reaping the rewards of #connectthroughkindness. Her friend came over to help her paint.

Kamie helped an elderly couple clear a ditch, plant flowers, and get the scenic creek flowing again. Making the world a prettier place by Connecting through kindness.

July 22:
Kim is constantly spreading love with her delicious food.  She is so generous and kind.
Keith and Lynn continue to beautify our community with trash pick up.
Jules is helping to clean up the world!
Sharon made a keepsake bear for a friend who was feeling down.  She also helped clean out a friend’s garage.  She is definitely a kindness warrior.

Joe shared his act of service by making a Planter Joe (a beautiful flower/garden box) for friends of his, Colleen and Rob. They were thrilled.

Lexi and her dad joined the senior parade to help celebrate our amazing graduates. The students were excited to see them.

A group of Family Life folks have been providing meals for a grieving family:  The Doerrs, Davenports, Swishers, Sonyes, Kerns, Krikaus, and Rollers have each provided a complete meal over the last 2 weeks.  What an amazing way to serve and take care of our friends.


Judy makes delicious homemade pot pies, freezes them, and then delivers them to sick friends/families in need – about 6 in the last month.
John helped a neighbor clean up a downed tree branch. (Sorry, no picture available!)
July 9:
Phil cleans a playhouse for a new home – a 3 year-old neighbor.
July 8: 

Susan continues to show kindness this summer by writing thank you notes to health care workers.

July 1: 

Sigrid shares kindness with a woman she used to work with who had a stroke and lost her vision in one eye. She picked a box of strawberries and drove them to her house. Her friend was thrilled to have company. They social distanced and caught up with each other. Beautiful butterflies were hovering over the alfalfa fields but the lady couldn’t see them so Sigrid described them for her. What a lovely act of service.

One family has been offering free garage sales each day  to their neighbors.  Their son gave away his Lightning McQueen bike and matching training wheels and helmet, got a note back that said, “You made my 3-year-old son’s day!” He was so happy to help his neighbor!

Just before the March shut down, our little group of Preschool Young Three families had been collecting canned food and nearly new preschool books for Grace Centers of Hope.   The collection of colorful books and canned/boxed food was delivered on June 19.  The Pontiac center graciously received it all.

HUGS just completed our annual summer juice box collection for The Power Company Kids Club in Pontiac.  Although they’ve had to curtail most of their typical summer empowerment and enrichment programs, they’re still providing groceries for their families, and are always in need of juice boxes.  We were able to collect 200 juice boxes.  We also provided some lollipops for the kids and hand sanitizer for their volunteers!

This young man connected through kindness by supporting his brother Tommy.  Tommy ran a 1/2 marathon to raise money for his beloved Lewa Conservancy, and Mike rode his bike along with him to keep him company, keep him on the route (because everyone creates/runs their own route), keep him motivated, …  Here’s a photo of Tommy’s crazy route, designed to look like a rhino.

June 30:

Both Jacob & Haley used their birthday, holiday and souvenir savings to buy a meal for the nurses at Beaumont Royal Oak (so they were treated twice😘).  The lovely nurses shared the food with everyone who worked on their floor.  They also made care bags with Kleenex, hand sanitizer and personal thank you cards for the nurses.

Jacob organized a book drive for the Center for Success Detroit so that the kids could have a summer book club with enough of the same title for all participants to have their own books.

Mark M. and his family take out the garbage for a disabled elderly lady every week and have been doing this for years. They also mow her lawn. What a great example of connecting through kindness.

June 29: 
Below you will find Carly Bruce watering flowers for her neighbor who had foot surgery as her act of kindness/service.
Rev. Benton Heisler doing a “random act of kindness” as he was helping friends and family in the woods.
June 19:
Lynn Loebs is constantly sharing her delicious cookies with others which is both an act of service and kindness.  She is pictured here with the cookies she made for the St. Paul’s graduates. Yum!
The Sonye family made a meal for a friend going through chemotherapy. What an amazing act of service and kindness.
June 18:
This teenager helped her aunt plant all of her flowers. What a great act of kindness!
June 16:
As his act of kindness, a teenager treated his best friend to a plate of homemade cookies.
June 15:
St. Paul’s Community Garden For Rochester Area Community House Food Pantry.
Planting Cindy Taylor, Larry Heflin, Janet Tull, (not in photo Donna Heflin); Watering Larry Heflin.
Jeff and Linda Regan at a Williams Syndrome walk to raise money for research and support.
Grant Fry is showing what it is like to spread kindness and be neighborly. During this pandemic he had shared many treats including cookies, bread, and fresh walleye with his neighbors. What a great way to serve and connect through kindness.
June 14: Keith and Lynn Loebs’ act of service is to keep our community clean by picking up trash on Adams Road.  They have been doing this for months. Thanks for taking care of God’s creation.
Face masks for church
June 12: The flooding in Midland devastated the community. When Amy heard that her friend Jill was delivering much needed supplies to those affected, she set up a table and collected supplies from her friends and family. This is teamwork at its best.
This mom decided to surprise her daughter and clean her house while she was at work.  Now that’s a blessing and a great way to connect through kindness!
Love spreads far and wide. It cannot be contained by borders or bridges. These ladies (from Ohio) connect through kindness by making prayer shawls for the St. Paul’s prayer ministry throughout the year.
June 10: One family’s acts of service for connecting through kindness  …dinner for a friend, flower delivery to family in midland after flooding to brighten their day, jumping a friend’s car, and a fun package to celebrate being a new brother.

Joshua and Lydia Reynolds, children of Pastor Jon and Pastor Lindsey of Birmingham, joined our summer service project, #connectthroughkindness, by delivering cookies to the Birmingham fire department. So sweet! Thanks for joining our 100 acts of service.

Our Ohio friends are joining our 100 acts of service project, #Connectthroughkindness.  Dawn is a juvenile probation officer. This has been a challenging few months in the court system.  To brighten the morale of her co-workers and spread sunshine, she is seen here delivering cupcakes to her co-workers (Brad) in the courthouse.

Bishop Bard is often doing acts of service. Here he is connecting through kindness with his wife Julie serving ice cream to a group of youth on a mission trip (pre-social distancing). What will your act of service be this summer?

Rev. Eardley and his wife Sara are often involved in acts of service in our community. Here they are hard at work, connecting through kindness this summer.