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St. Paul’s is now live-streaming the 9:30 &11 a.m. Sanctuary worship services.

Find live-streamed services on Facebook at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church-Rochester beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays.

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March 2024 Services

March 3, 2024:  The story of Jesus’ response to the temple being made into a marketplace was profound and may have been another step toward his ultimate demise on the cross. He refers to raising up a new temple in three days — something his disciples later remembered as a foretelling of his resurrection. How might we raise up as the Body of Christ and be a holy temple — a holy dwelling place of God — in the world? Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

February 2024 Services

February 25, 2024: Jesus was very clear that following him might not be a smooth ride. He was bound to choose the just way, not the easy way, through life. To take up the cross was to lose one’s life — to let go of certain expectations of safety and acceptance in order to stand for the Gospel message of love. How are we to take up the causes of Jesus — justice, righteousness, and mercy in our day? Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

February 29, 2024: There are so many examples of people with bad attitudes and bad behavior, aren’t there? How can a follower of Jesus be just the opposite—a positive example that can inspire others? Tune in to consider how important your example is and how you can make it the best it can be. Rev. Rick Kress.

February 18, 2024: The first Sunday of this series brings us to the moment at which Jesus comes up out of the waters of baptism to hear, “You are my beloved.” We are called to come up out of the depths of whatever seeks to keep us under and know that we are beloved of God. Come up, for now is the time to be fully who you are created to be for the sake of the world. Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

February 22, 2024: Think about this: there are no outstanding leaders without outstanding followers. What are the qualities of a great follower? Tune in to consider how you can up your game in this area.  Rev. Rick Kress.

February 11, 2024: Perhaps one of the most beautiful sights in the world is when you find yourself standing on the mountaintop looking out over the region all around.  The heights give us a fresh perspective of the lay of the land.  There is a comfort to being on top of it all.  Even some of the earliest disciples felt this way with Jesus once.  In fact, one wanted to simply stay up there.  Yet, Jesus led them back down into the valleys of the world where life and ministry happen.  How do the mountaintops move us into the valleys even today? Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

February 15, 2024: Are you a leader? The type of leader Jesus was contradicts much of what is taught about leadership these days, because Jesus was a servant leader. Any follower of Jesus needs to work about following Jesus’s example and learn to be a servant leader, one who imitates Jesus and becomes Jesus’s living tool in the world.  Rev. Rick Kress.

February 4, 2024:  This is a great week to invite a friend to watch Chevalier with you in your home on Hulu or another streaming source. We’ll wrap up our St. Paul’s in the Movies series with a story of the life of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, an 18th-century black, French master composer, violinist extraordinaire, and contemporary of Mozart. We’ll look at his greatest achievements as well as his struggles to be received in the time that he lived as well how similar struggles impact our world today. Afterwards, you won’t want to miss out on our Made in Michigan celebrations! Food, fun, and music make for an amazing week to be at St. Paul’s! Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

February 8, 2024: What is something every follower of Christ is able to do? Be an encourager! Yes, by inviting God to work in your life in this way, you can carry Christ’s love to the people you’ll encounter in your daily life. Tune in to consider 4 ways you can be a more encouraging Christ follower.  Rev. Rick Kress.

January 2024 Services

January 28, 2024:  “There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM,’” we often hear spoken to one another. What is it, though, that makes for a team? When the odds seem stacked against the team, how do they rise to the top? Don’t forget to invite a friend to a local theater to watch The Boys in the Boat and then have them join you in worship as we talk about the story as well as a more ancient story of what happens when the people of God, with all of our diverse gifts, come together. How might God be bringing us together in our world today? Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

February 1, 2024:  I sat down and wrote a letter to God because I needed to tell God some things that were on my mind. Consider my letter and how you could write your own letter to God as a spiritual exercise to draw you into God’s love.  Rev. Rick Kress.

January 21, 2024:  The movie “Migration” is a fun-filled adventure about ducks migrating to Jamaica. It makes us think of what it would be like to be a migrant and how to overcome some of the common problems we all face in life. Using the story of Ruth, we will consider how to meet obstacles as they appear and how the Holy Spirit can be our helper to navigate life’s challenges. Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

January 25, 2024:  You sometimes have questions for God, but what if God had questions for you? Tune in to consider 4 questions God might ask you while you’re praying. It may change your perspective! Rev. Rick Kress.

January 14, 2024:  Take some friends out to the movies to see “The Color Purple” this week and then invite them to join us for Sunday morning worship as we discover faith connections in film. Listening to a familiar story about Jesus, might we see a new faith, hope, and love spring into our own stories. Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

January 18, 2024:  What is it about community that is so important? Why does community matter to a follower of Jesus Christ? Tune in to consider the ways God works through community, and why your participation is so important. Rev. Rick Kress.

January 7, 2024:  Join us as we begin a new year and dive once more into the waters to explore our baptism. In beloved community, we’ll hear God’s claim on one another anew. We’re also excited to celebrate the ministry of our United Women in Faith as we commission and pray for their leadership team.  Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

January 11, 2024:  Do you have a direction for your life today? What is your path? Is it aligned with God’s intentions for your life? Consider how the intentional path is one that will lead you to wholeness and holiness. Rev. Rick Kress.

December 2023 Services

December 31, 2023:  After the Christmas exhaustion, it’s hard to think about anything new, even for a New Year. Yet God does call you to sing a new song with a faith that is ever renewing. How can you do this when you’re wiped out from the holiday rush? It is possible! When you learn to sing that new song, your life changes in positive ways.  Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

January 4, 2024:  In the bleak midwinter, where can you find inspiration? Tune in and consider a sure-fire, proven way to get more inspiration in your life and your walk with God. Rev. Rick Kress.

December 24, 2023:  Mary personifies grace and nourishment, conviction and faith, proclaiming through her magnificent song of joy at being the Christ-bearer. As take the final movement to Christmas day, may we follow her lead, becoming little houses of God, making room for one more at the Christmas feast, who bring a little more hope and beauty in God’s weary, glorious world.  Rev. Dr. April Gutierrez preaches.

December 28, 2023:  As 2024 is nearly here, are you ready to sing a new song to God? Everyone needs renewal and growth. Tune in to find out how the Holy Spirit can help you learn a new song for the New Year. Rev. Rick Kress.

December 17, 2023:  Every Nativity scene includes shepherds. Aside from Mary and Joseph, they were the first to hear the news of Jesus’ birth. Unlikely recipients of “good news” and frightened by the initial presence of the angels, they were also the first to respond to what God was doing in the world. The shepherds continue to set an example for followers of Jesus to this very day.  Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

December 21, 2023:  The Christmas journey involves you and your journey. Where has it taken you this season? Consider the example of Anna in Luke 2:36-38, a woman who had waited for years but remained open to the Holy Spirit’s working in her life, and how Anna can give insight to your journey today. Rev. Rick Kress.

December 10, 2023:  We are celebrating the third week of Advent, when we light the pink candle for JOY! Billups writes, “Advent joy is in the air, and it even has a soundtrack. ‘O Come, O Come Emmanuel,’ God with us, coming to us, and not merely us, but joy to the world!” (pg 61). Come and honor the joy of the season of anticipation of the coming of our Savior.   Rev. Dr. April Gutierrez preaches.

December 14, 2023:  Here in the Christmas season, consider the journey of the wise men– the Magi– who visited the newborn baby king Jesus in Bethlehem. Why did they follow the star? What were they hoping to find? They had a deep yearning for God and in Jesus, their longing was satisfied. Tune in to find out how. Rev. Rick Kress.

December 3, 2023:  Who are the characters on your Christmas card? Who will appear in the yearly children’s Christmas pageant? Of course, we see artists’ renditions of Mary, Joseph, the manger and baby, as well as shepherds, angels and animals. But what about that bitter old man who shows up in Matthew’s birth story? Come hear what is revealed about this unlikely, rarely portrayed, very important participant in “Jesus, the Early Days” story.  Rev. Judy May preaches.

December 7, 2023:  In the Advent story, the working-class shepherds were surprised by joy when the angels announced and sang about the birth of Jesus, the Messiah (Luke 2:8-20). Why would God want such ordinary people to know about such a significant event? Tune in to consider the joys of God’s surprises along the path of faith. Rev. Rick Kress.