Sanctuary Windows

St. Paul’s Sanctuary Windows

The beautiful stained-glass windows in the Sanctuary of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church tell the story of the apostles and serve as reminders of the history of the Christian faith. Narrated by Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dr. Timothy Hickey.

Original Video Updated

The original Sanctuary Windows disc will not run on many systems today.  However, Norm Gilmore was able to extract Dr. Hickey’s audio track and recreated the visuals from images of the Sanctuary windows he had on file.  Norm added a musical background and updated the introductory images but otherwise tried to faithfully recreate the images of the windows as Dr. Hickey describes them.  The video is not only an interesting presentation of the Sanctuary windows but also serves as a brief history lesson of the apostles and the beginnings of the Christian faith.  Run time is just under 21 minutes.

Story of the Windows

The story of the windows is presented by Pastor Emeritus Dr. Timothy Hickey who in 1973, at the beginning of his 27 years as Senior Pastor of St. Paul’s, asked if he could add some stained glass windows to the then “new” sanctuary (now Hickey Hall).

Working with the Trustees of St. Paul’s and the stained glass artists, Dr. Hickey was able to add to our worship experience, as well as reinforce the stories of our faith through the symbolism of these windows. But what do the symbols represent? What do a coat, a sailboat, and keys tells us about who we are and what we believe? The answer to those, and more, await you in this video. Over his long pastorate Dr. Hickey has told many stories of these windows in a variety of sermons and places. With this video, we have collected the stories for you to hear once again. Dr. Hickey once remarked in a sermon “As you learn more about this sanctuary you feel better about yourself and your faith.” This is our hope for this video of the Windows of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.