2023 Mission Project – MC2023

Raise $25,000 for Structural Improvements to Henri Dennis School.

Mission Council decided to focus our 2023 Mission Project fundraising efforts on supporting Henri Dennis School structural improvements. St. Paul’s has been a partner with Henri Dennis School in Monrovia, Liberia for many years, helping to build the new school building, purchasing books and school supplies and providing scholarships for students. Many updates are needed to the campus including improvements to the library, science laboratory and computer laboratory. The computer lab presently does not have computers – students only learn computer theory in school. Computers are needed, but with that, air conditioning is required so that the computers are not destroyed.


Moments of Grace: The Henri Dennis Experience

From a time of darkness in Liberia, new hope emerges in the Henri Dennis School for the people of Topoe village, in partnership with the St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Rochester, Michigan. Moments of Grace: The Henri Dennis Experience follows the team from St. Paul’s on their 2009 mission trip while they witness the reality of life for these resilient and faithful people.

Art Direction and Photography by Robert Cleveland. Video Production by Norman Gilmore.



Community Garden

We maintain a 8’x24’ plot in the Rochester Community Garden located off Woodward Avenue. Our mission is to grow healthy vegetables and donate 100% to the Rochester Area Neighborhood House which is a local food pantry that provides food for families that can’t afford to feed themselves or their children.





Habitat for Humanity

St. Paul’s has worked with Habitat for Humanity Oakland County (HFHOC) and the Rochester Coalition (churches and service clubs of Rochester) to build or rehab one or more new homes every year.


Cass Community Social Services (CCSS) is a nonprofit, human services organization headquartered in Detroit. We support Cass Community Social Services in its effort to Fight Poverty and Create Opportunity in the city of Detroit.

Baldwin Center

Food, Shelter and So Much More in Pontiac
Baldwin Center in Pontiac, Michigan, provides invaluable services to hurting people, in part because the people of St. Paul’s care.

Neighborhood House

Rochester Area Neighborhood House collaborats with the community and other social service providers to help those neighbors in financial crisis toward self-sustainability

Red Bird Mission

St. Paul’s supports the Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky, through our Global Ministries Committee, an annual Adult Work Trip each October and the generosity of the congregation.

Henri Dennis School Liberia

St. Paul’s has a long-standing relationship with a school in Liberia (West Africa). God has certainly blessed our church with a mission program that has, and continues to provide, many benefits and blessings for the staff and children of the Henri Dennis School … and for the congregation of St Paul’s.

Christmas Baskets

Providing food assistance for those in need in our community is an annual tradition at St. Paul’s. We work with the Rochester Area Neighborhood House to provide families in need with grocery gift cards for the holidays.  Each year, our goal is to provide assistance to 100 families.

Rummage Sale

United Women in Faith
Each May and October the United Women in Faith and the people of St. Paul’s hold a giant Rummage Sale.  All proceeds are donated to missions that benefit women, youth and children. More Rummage Sale information.

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