Tuesday, June 20, 2023:  Our High School Youth arrived in Estero, FL on Sunday at 5 p.m. They met new friends from Minnesota and Georgia and headed to chapel. They awoke Monday morning and headed to the worksite which was 5 miles down the road. They spent the first day ripping off shingles on a rooftop and painting a garage. It was 96 degrees and very sunny. There was not one complaint from this amazing work team. We are so very proud of these students.

Tuesday morning they continued to use button caps to nail down roofing underlayment and paint a pergola. Heat is a little better today since it’s cloudy.

The team is working with a group called Team Effort. They have been around about 30 years and run camps throughout the country. Our resident is a young family with a 9-month old daughter named River. They experienced hurricane damage so were identified as a worksite in the area.