Sermons 1990 – 1991

Tape Date Description Service Sermon
S.001 12/02/1990 Dr. Hickey 

S.002 03/03/1991 Dr. Hickey 

S.003 03/10/1991 Rev. Diamond “Walking with God”

S.004 03/31/1991 Easter Sunday

S.005 04/14/1991 Dr. Hickey “Keeping in Step”

S.006 04/28/1991 Dr. Hickey “Strike Three”

S.008 05/12/1991 Dr. Hickey “Knowing Where to Go”

S.009 05/19/1991 Dr. Hickey “What Does it Mean to be Saved?”

S.010 06/02/1991 Dr. Hickey “What Does it Mean to be Lost?”

S.011 06/23/1991 George Gish “Our Ministry of Reconciliation”

S.012 06/30/1991 Dr. Hickey – Communion Service

S.013 07/07/1991 Dr. Hickey “A Watch or Warning”

S.014 07/21/1991 Youth Report – Work Trip

S.015 08/18/1991 Rev. Diamond “A Matter of Life or Death”

S.016 08/25/1991 Dr. Stout “Grappling with the gods”

S.017 09/01/1991 Rev. Diamond “It All Begins with God”

S.018 09/15/1991 Dr. Hickey “One God, Indivisible”

S.018b 09/29/1991 Dr. Hickey “One Lord, Unimaginable”

S.018d 10/13/1991 Dr. Hickey “One Great Spirit, Uncontrollable”

S.018e 10/20/1991 Dr. Hickey “One Word, Irresistible”

S.018f 10/27/1991 Dr. Sam Stout “What’s Good About the Church”

S.018g 11/03/1991 Dr. Hickey “One Church, Irrovacable”

S.019 11/24/1991 Rev. Diamond “Love’s Extravagance”

S.020 12/01/1991 Dr. Hickey “Shifting Gears”

S.022 12/15/1991 Dr. Hickey “Living with the Dream”

S.023 12/22/1991 Dr. Hickey “Experiencing the Impossible”

S.024 12/29/1991 Dr. Hickey “What’s Next?”

S.027 09/08/1991 Dr. Hickey “Fear, Faith, and Fuzzyness”

S.028 09/22/1991 Christian Education Sunday