Do you want to leave a legacy?

Want to make a mark by helping future generations…

…Or provide the needed assistance that may result in launching a successful mission project?

Consider contributing to the St. Paul’s UMC Endowment Fund.  Or include the Endowment Fund in your estate planning or will to enable ongoing financial support.  What a great way to leave a portion of your success in the hands of those that are helping others!  Your generosity serves to enrich all who benefit from your gift for generations to come.

The Endowment Fund was created for the promotion and development of religious, charitable and educational activities that are supported by St. Paul’s, and for non recurring purposes not budgeted in St. Paul’s Operating Budget. Only the income generated from the Fund is used to fund projects.

The Endowment Fund Committee oversees the investment and distribution of income from the Fund with Finance Committee and Administrative Board approval.

If you have an interest in contributing to the Endowment Fund, please contact Larry Hice, Endowment Fund Committee Chair or contact the office.