2019 Sermons

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December 2019 Sermons

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December 29, 2019:  Christmas pageants are a tradition in many churches and there are always three main characters: Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. The cast usually includes some tinsel-haloed angels, bath-robed shepherds and gift-bearing visitors from the East. But there is one character that never gets included and is never on anyone’s Christmas card. However, it’s very important that we keep him in the Christmas story. Come hear who and why on this first Sunday after Christmas. Rev. Judy May preaches.

December 29, 2019: Do you ever get roped into something, like Tim Allen gets roped into being Santa Claus? Signed up for field trip to the zoo? Need to bring orange slices to the soccer game? This Sunday we’ll look at what happens when we hesitantly answer God’s call and how it can turn out to be the best decision we ever make. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

December 23, 2019:  A joy-filled, family service with Christmas classics with a jazz twist by The Paul Keller Ensemble, featuring vocalists Ramona Collins and Shelly Cowling. Invite your family and friends to this incredible worship service and celebrate Christmas in New Orleans. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

December 24, 2019: Traditional service of carols, lessons and candlelight. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

December 22, 2019:  Unfortunately, this sermon recording is unavailable.

December 15, 2019:  Unfortunately, this sermon recording is unavailable.

December 15, 2019:  One of the great questions of the season is this: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Some may say no, while others, such as myself, would say a resounding yes! Curious? Then invite your Bruce Willis fan friends and join me in Open Door this Sunday for a message that could be titled, “You won’t find this on the Hallmark Channel: A Die Hard Christmas Story.” Rev. David Eardley preaches.

December 8, 2019:  As we open the gifts of Christmas, we discover the gift of welcome this Sunday.  It’s one of God’s most special gifts.  Through Jesus all are welcomed into God’s family.  This is the hallmark of God’s inclusive hospitality: the doors are open for everyone.  Join us as we practice our hospitality and live out this wonderful gift with everyone around us. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

December 8, 2019:  Whether you live in Hoo-ville or Rochester, or anywhere in between, the Christmas season confronts us with a lot of distractions. What might Dr. Seuss’ classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas say to us about how we be the church during this time?  Rev.Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

December 1, 2019:  Still working off that delicious Thanksgiving dinner? Or are you among the throngs filling the stores this holiday weekend? There’s no doubt: Christmas is coming! Anticipation is in the air, and it’s the initial focus in our new series, the Gifts of Christmas. Join us as we celebrate this most unique gift of “getting ready.” Rev. David Eardley preaches.

December 1, 2019: It’s that time of year. The lights are coming out. The snow is falling. The Christmas movies are filling our Netflix queue. This Advent season, we’re going to look at some classic Christmas movies, and see how God might speak to us through them. This week we’re taking a look at Home Alone, and we’ll what it might say to us about reconciling with our neighbor. Rev.Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

November 2019 Sermons

November 24, 2019:  We welcome guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Charles Boayue, Jr. who is the Greater Detroit District Superintendent. He will also be talking at 10 a.m. in Rickard Chapel and will be leading the Annual Church Conference at 1 p.m.

November 24, 2019: How do you do gratitude? How do you measure the things you’re thankful for? How much thanksgiving is enough? Or, is there another way to consider it? There is– and it can significantly upgrade your quality of life. Rev.Rick Kress preaches.

November 17, 2019:  The prophet Isaiah speaks of hope to a people struggling to make ends meet. Your story is far from over, and there are more pages to be written. God will make a way into a better future. Join us as we lean into this hope during the times of challenge, as we choose faith even when the way seems uncertain.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

November 17, 2019:  Society inundates us with information and unsolicited advice about how to be “healthy.” The media casts an image about beauty and happiness, and it’s all controlled by the way we look. There are diet fads, exercise regimes, full body cleanses, and holistic ideals. What what does our faith have to say about all this? Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

November 10, 2019:  November is a time where we celebrate gratitude, both as families and as a nation. This Sunday, we’ll focus on the Apostle Paul’s good words to a group of believers in Thessalonica. They were encouraging him by their faith, and he celebrated. Whose faith encourages your faith? Who helps you celebrate in your walk with Jesus?   Rev. David Eardley preaches.

November 10, 2019:  Jesus wants us to experience “abundant life.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will have everything we could ever want, on demand. It’s a promise, instead, that He will walk with us to the mountain top and in the valleys, through the joy and sorrow, the meager and the satisfying times in life. Come to Open Door this week to see how you can lean in to this promise and take strength from it on a daily basis. #lifegoals  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

November 3, 2019: This Sunday we are honored to have Rev. Dr. James Harnish preach.  His message is titled, “How Seekers Get Found,” which concludes our Disciple’s Path fall sermon series.  Rev. Dr. James Harnish most recently served Hyde Park UMC in Tampa, Florida and was the keynote speaker at our Disciple’s Path Conference on Saturday, November 2. 

November 2, 2019: Rev. Dr. James Harnish is keynote speaker at our A Disciple’s Path Conference on Saturday, November 2.  Rev. Dr. James Harnish most recently served Hyde Park UMC in Tampa, Florida.

October 2019 Sermons

October 27, 2019:  Albert Schweitzer wrote, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”  As we celebrate All Saints’ Sunday, we’ll be naming those among us who have served as Christ served us.   Their lives inspire us to live like Jesus and to lovingly serve our neighbors around us. Rev.David Eardley preaches.

October 27, 2019: Service is integral to everything we do as disciples.  We are Christ’s hands and feet, and representatives in the world.  We each can offer something unique to meet the needs of a hurting world and partner with God to build the Kingdom.  What steps are you taking to grow your faith through service? Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

October 20, 2019:  John Wesley wrote, “It is true, riches, and the increase of them, are the gift of God.  Yet great care is to be taken, that what is intended for a blessing, do not turn into a curse.”  Generous living is intentional.  It’s remembering that our possessions are not to possess us.  Generous living is a reflection of our Loving God who is the Giver of all good things. Rev.David Eardley preaches.

October 20, 2019:  How do you measure life? Do we measure our lives in worldly weights and measures like dollars and cents, or do we use spiritual scales of love, sacrifice and service? As we hear the story of the widow’s mite, let’s ask ourselves what would happen if we began to use a set of standards not based on monetary values or worldly success ratings, but the might of our mite? Rev. Judy May preaches.

October 13, 2019:  God is present with us in every time and place.  In our daily lives, we can experience the gracious, holy, mysterious, powerful presence of the Holy Spirit moving through our church and community.  We sense that God’s Spirit is alive in and through our worship and our time together each week in fellowship, prayer, service, and study.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

October 13, 2019:Jesus said that where two or three are gathered, he would be with them.  I can think of no greater endorsement for being in a small group or attending worship.  Jesus never intended us to follow him alone.  Rather he encouraged and expected his followers to walk the Disciple’s Path together.  It’s in community that we support one another and meet Jesus. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

October 6, 2019:  One of the most important relationships that we ever experience is with God in prayer.  Through Jesus, we trust that God listens, and that God speaks.  So, disciples pray, individually and in groups.  We pray to know God’s will.  We pray to be the answer to others’ prayers.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

October 6, 2019: We often bow our head and fold our hands when we pray.  Have you ever tried opening them up and praying with your fingers?  There’s five things you can lift up to God using this method!  We continuing in our sermon series, A Disciples Path, and learn to pray in a new way together at prayer stations.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

September 2019 Sermons

September 29, 2019:  Kenneth Collins has written, “The empowering grace of God is already present, even before we are fully aware of its presence.”  This is God’s unavoidable, all-ecompassing love at work around us.  Together, let’s take the first step along the Disciple’s Path, which is a step into God’s grace.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

September 29, 2019:  We are all on a journey of life and faith.  Some of us have stories about the first steps, important milestones, and significant people we’ve encountered along the way.  These stories are means of grace, moments when we can feel or see God at work in our lives.  Want to know more about ‘means of grace’ and what it might mean for you to take the next step on your journey?  Join us for “A Disciples Path” a five week sermon series. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

September 22, 2019: Do you feel the pace of change is way too fast these days? Or, do you feel like you’re in a rut and change would do you good? Jesus had important things to say about both questions. His answers might change your mind about change. Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

September 22, 2019:  At the Open Door, we believe that faith must be put into action every day. Together, we learn and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. We serve the church, community and world in His name. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

September 15, 2019: Have you ever started on a journey knowing where you wanted to go, but found yourself on a strange road as a result of detours, and suddenly realized you were lost? In our faith journeys we also get caught up in the detours of life, and we can’t seem to find our way back to the main road, and too often we travel in one direction and the next, with no rhyme or reason , failing to admit we are lost.  So it often is with our faith; too often refusing to believe the signs that give us a way out.  Rev. Carter Grimmett preaches.

September 15, 2019:  At the Open Door, we believe that all people are beautiful and beloved. God loves all people and we are called to do the same. Whoever you are, you will be cared for and nurtured in this safe space. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.​

September 8, 2019:  Is it possible to be authentic in today’s world?  Are we so comfortable moving from mask to mask, that we’ve forgotten who we are?  Have we become a mystery even to ourselves? Listen as the Apostle Paul guides along a better way, a road to authenticity, a road that unmasks us and reveals our true God-graced identity. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

September 8, 2019:  At the Open Door, all people are welcome. You can bring your whole self to God in Christ, this church community. Your faith, your questions, your strengths, your struggles are welcome here. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.​

A Humble Heart

This sermon is currently unavailable

September 1, 2019:  Jesus’ way is so simple and yet so demanding.  Being clearly counter-cultural then (and now, too), he challenges his followers to strive for humility.  Humility?  Won’t people step all over me!?  What’s the point?  Join us and discover what it means to live with a humble heart.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

September 1, 2019:  What do we conform ourselves to? Our peers, our neighbors, God? This Sunday we’ll be looking at what the Apostle Paul says about being a conformist. Guest preacher Rev. Joel Fitzgerald preaches.

August 2019 Sermons

August 25, 2019: I have been praying for you this summer.  In particular, I’ve been praying for your soul to be fed during worship.  This Sunday your soul will be fed.  This Sunday you’ll be reminded about the power of worship to energize your faith and renew your relationship with God and with your church family.  This Sunday you need to be here… Need some encouragement?… I’m praying for you! Rev. David Eardley preaches.

August 25, 2019:  The spiritual exercises of this series are life giving for those who aspire to be healthy followers of Jesus. One thing ties it all together-the practice of love. Through regular spiritual exercise, you can have a richer life, engaged with the people around you, and loving God. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

August 18, 2019:  This Sunday’s text from Luke 12:49-56 is one of the “hard sayings” of Jesus. Let’s face it…some of the things Jesus said are hard to accept. Maybe they are difficult for us because we are just unwilling to listen and then obey. So just what did Jesus mean when he said he came to cause “division”? What happened to “gentle Jesus, meek and mild”?  Rev. Judy May unpacks just what Jesus is teaching us to consider.

August 18, 2019:   The idea of a Sabbath-time away from work and focused on the things of God-is one of those casualties of time. Who does that anymore? Yet, the unrelenting demands of the world are harmful without relief. Sabbath is made for that relief. Is Sabbath a day or the week? Are there rules? Or is the practice of Sabbath richer and more creative than that? Jesus had things to teach us about keeping Sabbath. Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

August 11, 2019:  How many ways have you hear it said, “There’s nothing like hearing a good sermon to get you through the week”. I’m sure it is true, but what else can we expect from our church faith experience? How often have we heard,” I’ve done enough! I have retired and it’s time for someone else to take my place.” So, is there someone else? Am I finished? Will there be anyone to take my place? …Good question, but we may not be too pleased with the answer. Rev. Carter Grimmett preaches.

August 11, 2019:  Is there ever a time when you hear nothing but silence? Our restless, noisy world provides continuous stimulation. It can wear you down! The practice of silence is first about being quiet, but it goes much deeper than that, to the ability to be still. This inner silence can do wonders for your peace of mind and the quality of your life. Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

August 4, 2019:  Moses tried to do it all himself.  As a result, he was doing nothing well.  Have you ever been in that situation?  If so, then you’ll love the advice that his father-in-law Jethro offered.  Rev. David Eardley talks about the secret to healthy leadership

August 4, 2019:  Have you ever yearned for the simpler, good ole’ days? A time when responsibilities were lighter and obligations didn’t feel so heavy? The Good News is that simplicity is a time-honored Christian practice that impacts our attitudes toward living, working, playing, worshiping, and resting. Less truly is more with Christ. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

July 2019 Sermons

August 4, 2019:  Moses tried to do it all himself.  As a result, he was doing nothing well.  Have you ever been in that situation?  If so, then you’ll love the advice that his father-in-law Jethro offered.  Rev. David Eardley talks about the secret to healthy leadership

July 21, 2019:  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald explores ways to encounter Jesus in the midst of the most mundane and ordinary tasks.  Spirituality is about showing up for Jesus each day no matter what we’re doing, and choosing to joy and life He brings rather than the things that deplete or distract us.  Take time this week to tap in to the deep and abiding presence of the Lord, who gives you new and abundant life.

July 21, 2019:   It has been said that a diet changes the way we look; a fast changes the way we see. To fast or not to fast…that is the question. Fasting has always been a part of religious devotion and the Bible takes fasting for granted; it is assumed. Jesus fasted. Paul fasted. The Apostles fasted. Luther fasted. The Wesley brothers fasted. What do 21st century disciples think? Is fasting foolish, fruitful or faithful? Isaiah and Luke may help us answer our questions about this important discipline.  Rev. Judy May preaches.

July 14, 2019:  When some of us are called upon to personally get involved with people we really don’t know much about, don’t like, or have fear of, we often find ourselves in an awkward situations, sometimes forcing us to make “on the spot” decisions in places and spaces we don’t know, and are not familiar with. Not only is it inconvenient, it can sometimes be scary, especially when we never had any real contact with these persons/people, and all we have to go on are the accounts of others. How do we navigate this real fear? Do we keep our distance, or do we wait for a more opportune time under more favorable circumstances?   Rev. Carter Grimmett preaches.

July 14, 2019:  Before Jesus healed and taught, he spent time in prayerful meditation. The Gospels tell us Jesus frequently withdrew from the crowds to be alone with God. The practice of meditation centered Jesus with God and replenished his power to serve. The ancient Christian practice of meditation can help you be more peaceful, effective, and satisfied as a Christ-follower.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

July 7, 2019:   They’re Back and Ready to Share! We celebrate our recently completed Youth Worktrip to the Rosebud Reservation in Mission, SD.  Be inspired by the experiences of our youth and adults.

June 2019 Sermons

June 30, 2019:  Peter reminds us that in our lives we can feel as if we are paralyzed by the rough seas of circumstances and situations of our lives. We get caught in a sea of fear and confusion to the point we lose confidence in ourselves and others. In short, we lose sight of Christ, and our confidence suffers. When we struggle and doubt ourselves, the faith community needs to be the encourager. We don’t live in a faith vacuum; our faith can be used to support and inspire others. Everyone needs a God inspired “hoorah” moment for their lives, so they too may experience the joy and power Christ Jesus gives us to share. Rev. Carter Grimmett preaches.

June 30, 2019:  People were created by God to take care of the earth, to work, to sleep, and to play. To play?!  Children know how, but have grown ups forgotten the spirit of playfulness and what sheer joy looks and sounds like?  Jesus took the time to include children in his ministry and remind us that, as God’s children, we too can experience creativity, joy, freedom in the midst of play!  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald finishes our sermon series, God in Nature.

June 23, 2019:  It is no easy thing to be a recipient of God’s choice and call, to show and live the same pattern of care and empathy and sensitivity as displayed by God. Rev. Judy May looks again at the guideposts of a social order built on an ethic of unity with each other and a reverence for all of God’s creation.

The Open Door Service

June 23, 2019:  Unfortunately, this sermon is unavailable.

June 16, 2019: “Come and see.”  With these words, Jesus first invited the disciples to follow him.  His words echo the ancient prophet Isaiah, who shared an earlier invitation to come and seek God.  Rev. David Eardley invites you to come and seek this amazing God and see that the Lord is good!

June 16, 2019:  The pounding of the waves, the gentle lapping of water at the shoreline, the power of the wind-driven surf and the peaceful rivulets that create new designs carved in the sand before being washed back out to sea. In the power and the peace…God. In the noise and the quiet…God. What is your story of meeting God on the shore…finding meaning or energy or truth? Rev. Judy May preaches.

June 9, 2019:  There was a sound like a rushing wind… In these few words, Luke first describes the Holy Spirit at work among the believers, a work that continues to this day.  So wear your red, and celebrate Pentecost Sunday with us.   Be here as we also celebrate the Class of 2019 and consecrate them to continue in this great adventure of living by faith and not by sight. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

June 9, 2019:  Have you ever climbed a mountain and enjoyed a beautiful vista?  Or maybe it was a steep uphill battle, and you were huffing and puffing for air.  With each step, did you take notice a unique bird song or see streams of living water?  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald talks about what we can learn from God in the mountains.

Power to the People

June 2, 2019: This sermon is currently unavailable.

As our clergy attend Annual Conference, we welcome guest preacher Rev. Johnny Liles.

June 2, 2019:   When you’re away this summer, you might go to the mountains. What do you see and feel when you’re looking at one of those giants? God made the world for our enjoyment. Learn how to see and feel God on the mountaintops and take it with you into the valleys of life.  Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

May 2019 Sermons

May 26, 2019:  One of the oldest questions we humans ask is, “How are we linked to God and what can we do to cross the chasm between the human and the divine?” The Apostle Paul answers, “There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a bridge!” Come hear what enables us to walk the bridge between fear and hope, despair and joy. Rev. Judy May preaches.

May 26, 2019:   The church is an advocate for justice and for all people who are seeking it.  We have to persist, resist, and be unrelenting in pursuit of all things that promote equality and human rights.  We see this as a holy act of our faith and want it to permeate the world we live.  This week at Open Door, we’ll finish the series, “This is Us” with a look at Ruth’s story, and see how she and Boaz lived out the values of their faith in everyday life.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

May 19, 2019:  God’s nature is love: that’s who God is. Jesus reflected that love. He showed us how to take on God’s character in the midst of our daily lives. Jesus gave us the secret to doing more than get by. Jesus taught us to flourish by inviting God’s love to shape us, now and always. Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

May 19, 2019:  Ruth had to work hard to find her place and role in the world, she had no support network or social capital.  She didn’t climb the ladder, but rather rebuilt her life through a relationship with Boaz.  How many people do we know like Ruth?  How do we treat them, walk beside them – as brothers and sisters, beloved and precious in the eyes of God?  Learn more about how we affirm Jesus’ call and say, “This is Us” to forming relationships across all spectrums of the human family.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

May 12, 2019:  God woos us with grace.  Over and over again, God invites us into a relationship which forever changes our lives.  This is the call of God’s love through Jesus Christ.  It is freely offered to everyone, because God’s love is that all encompassing.  Rev. David Eardley celebrates the power of God’s love within our lives and the joy of sharing this love with others.

May 12, 2019:  Ruth is an amazing woman of God whose faith portrays resilience and strength in the midst of devastating hardship.  While our context is different from Ruth’s, we can still sympathize with her situation.  More than that, we can offer healing, help, and hope.  Learn more about how United Methodists affirm our call and say, “This is Us” to healing, helping, and hoping  in the name of Jesus Christ. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

May 5, 2019:  God’s grace is all reaching, all encompassing.  It is present and at work through our daily lives.  We are called into God’s love through this grace, and when we respond, our lives are never the same again.  We celebrate Confirmation Sunday, as our confirmands respond to this grace-filled invitation and become professing members of St. Paul’s.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

May 5, 2019:  Some families feature wonderful traditions, support in crisis, and unconditional love. Other families are not so blessed. You may be surprised to know the families of the Bible are pretty messy. Ruth’s story is an epic example of how she overcame huge obstacles erase borders and expand our understanding of family.  Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

April 2019 Sermons

April 28, 2019:  Have you ever felt left out?  Like you missed something important?  If so, then you know how Thomas felt, once he found out that he had missed seeing the Risen Jesus.  He was disappointed and questioned what the others had experienced.  Even though his friends were celebrating, he just couldn’t.  Find out what made the difference for him, and what makes the difference for us. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

April 28, 2019:  Thomas was a skeptic.  He couldn’t wrap his head around the miracle and mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  He doubted the validity of the story he was being told.  He wanted a rational explanation and solid evidence that would reveal the “capital T – Truth”.  Learn what to do in the moments when we find ourselves with more questions than answers.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

April 21, 2019:  Simply put, this day changed everything, and it continues to change the world.  The dead are supposed to stay dead, but that’s not the way with Jesus.  Out of death comes life.  Endings are the first steps to a new beginning.  Easter is a beautiful day.  The Risen Jesus has a word for you, and it is this: “Live like you’re alive. Because of me you are.”  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

April 20, 2019:  Join us with your whole family as we remember the resurrection story in our family-friendly Open Door service with contemporary music, drama, and a children’s pageant.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

April 14, 2019:  From where he stood, Jesus could see the Temple on Mt. Zion.  It was time to enter Jerusalem.  It’s Palm Sunday, and Holy Week is beginning.  With each step, Jesus carries our hope, even as a cross lingers in the distance. Rev. Carter Grimmett invites us to join the procession and follow Jesus into this world-changing week.

April 14, 2019:  Lots of bad stuff goes on in the world. Some of it happens to us. Even committed Christians often feel powerless against that bad stuff. With that in mind, why even bother with prayer? Does anything change because of prayer, really? Jesus did not see prayer as pious platitudes. Instead, Jesus used prayer to defeat the powers arrayed against him. Rev. Rick Kress invites us to learn how his example can help you change your world with prayer.

April 7, 2019:  He had it all, seriously, like all the stuff he would ever need.  but still he found his life lacking.  He needed reassurance that he was on the right track, that he was doing the right stuff.  So, he went to see Jesus.  What do you do when Jesus puts a mirror to your life and exposes your pride?  How would you react?    Rev. David Eardley preaches.

April 7, 2019:  Chocolate or vanilla?  Mountains or beach?  We all have preferences.  When it comes to life in the church, though, we always strive to put our purpose before our preferences.  When we come together as a community of faith, our purpose is to love and serve.  God calls us to this task and fills us with the Holy Spirit so that we will have strength to act on our purpose!  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

March 2019 Sermons

March 31, 2019:  He basically told his father to die, and then left home, never planning to return.  How do you handle rejection, especially from those you love the most?  How would you react?  Rev. Eardley talks about how we delve into the pain and aftermath of rejection.  Is there potential for grace?

March 31, 2019:  Preach the gospel always, and if necessary, use words.  As followers of Jesus Christ and members of His church, everything we say and do should be based on the foundation of love.  As representatives of the church and God’s kingdom, we must be intentional about speaking words that encourage others and help them grow.  Words can be a powerful force for good and have a great impact on how we relate to one another as followers of Christ.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

March 24, 2019:  “Why?”  It may be the hardest unanswered question.  Why did I lose my job?  Why did my spouse leave me?  Why won’t my child get better?  Why do I have terminal cancer? Jesus was no stranger to the weight of these unanswered questions.  Rev. David Eardley talks about how Jesus carries us in such times.

March 24, 2019:  In the church, we need “all hands on deck”.  Everyone has a role to play.  Everyone is needed.  Male, female.  Young, old.  Mature, new.  We rely on each other’s gifts and strengths.  We support each other and teach each other.  That’s how the body of Christ grows and fulfills its mission in the world.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

March 17, 2019:  Anxiety, uncertainty, fear.  These words may be the descriptors of our mindsets during the storms of life.  We think we have some control, and then the rug get pulled from beneath us.  Jesus often found himself in the storms of life, and he walked with those who were afraid.  Why not let Jesus walk with you?  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

March 17, 2019:  How many times have we put our hands on our hips and said, “let’s agree to disagree” in order to preserve peace and unity?  John Wesley was all in favor of this idea and believed that in times of division, love must win.  He said, “if we cannot think alike, may we not love alike?”  The apostle Paul asks us a similar question when he calls us to live with humility, gentleness, patience, and love.  What if we were united in our commitment to live out these Kingdom values?  What might we accomplish together in Jesus’ name? Rev. David Eardley preaches.

March 10, 2019:  Throughout Lent, we remind ourselves of the ways Jesus carries us through the daily challenges and temptations of life.  Jesus carries us, even as we waver and wander from his love, truth, and grace.  Join us as we lean into his strength.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

March 10, 2019:  Jesus loves you and that means that you belong here.  There’s no access code, no membership dues, no secret hand shake.  You’re in and we already value your presence.  We are a community that cherishes and welcomes each person as a gift.  We are a community that builds each other up, connects people to Christ, and inspires service in His name. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

March 3, 2019:  At the Transfiguration of Jesus, Peter, James, and John discover that Jesus is more than a good teacher.  Awed by his divinity, they see him as the Son of God. Rev. David Eardley celebrates that it is Jesus we worship, and it is his way that we follow now and into the future.

March 3, 2019:  “God’s grace is greater than my sin.”  “There nothing you can do to make me love you less.”  What humbling reminders.  When it comes to fear, judgement, hatred, we need to remember the truth.  We all make mistakes, we all fall short.  We are being continuously saved, continuously surrounded by love.  And at the end of the day, no matter what, that love wins. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

February 2019 Sermons

February 24, 2019:  Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” Okay. This is a tough one. Lord, do you know what those people have done to me? I bear their scars each day, broken relationships, lost trust, damaged reputation. How can you ask me to do this? Why do I have to take the first step? First, you’re not alone in your hurt, and second, Jesus really does a word for you that you must hear. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

February 24, 2019: We’ve heard that money is at the root of all kinds of bad stuff. Is that really true? How did Jesus and the early church see it? In 2019, money is a colossal struggle for everybody. It can dominate us. The Way of Christ offers an alternative. Rev. Rick Kress uncovers another view on the nature of money in your life.

February 17, 2019:  It is often difficult for us to see beyond personal or collective tragedies,or our temporal needs, especially when so many people are now experiencing the reality of living from paycheck to paycheck. In our humanness, we often find ourselves programed to first seek and accumulate those temporal things we believe will bring us comfort, and happiness. Yet, Jesus offers us a happiness, or blessedness in the darkest hours of our spirit, when our abundance, or poverty is not the determination of the quality of our lives or happiness. How can this be? In a practical world I guess you could say, “This Is a Strange Blessing?” Rev. Carter Grimmett preaches.

February 17, 2019:  Do you ever get overwhelmed?  Have you ever felt weary or weak?  God knows what the human experience is because God lived it in Jesus.  God has experienced every emotion that we have in this life and walks with us through our struggles.  Pastor Erin Fitzgerald shares the truth that God is with us, no matter what life throws our way, and will be there to help see us through it.

February 10, 2019:  Today we begin a new series, “Jesus said what??” We begin with his words to Peter as he called him to follow, “Do not be afraid…” Really? Have you seen the world around us? Do you struggle with fear and uncertainty in the little things and in the big things? Are you trying to do it all by yourself? Try this new way of being not afraid. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

February 10, 2019:  Do we have to work hard and pray hard to earn God’s blessings?  Is the presence of God in our lives dependent on something that we do?  Yes, and no.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald explores this Half Truth.  We’ll talk about grace, human agency, responsibility.  We’ll talk about the truth of how we are called to help others just as God has helped us.

February 3, 2019:  In the beginning and in the end, and everywhere in between, it’s all about love. We love because God first loved us. We soak in the Apostle Paul’s words about the power of love to transform people, couples, families, and communities. Do you want to be a world changer? Let God’s love guide you as you interact with friends and foes, for each is a beloved child of God. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

February 3, 2019: Life is beautiful, complicated, full of adventure and unpredictability. We affirm our blessings but also recognize the chaos and suffering. Does everything happen for a reason? Yes and no. Hear how this Christian cliché is half true and also sometimes unhelpful. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

January 2019 Sermons

January 27, 2019:  The second of Wesley’s simple rules is this: Do Good, and yet, how often we struggle to do so!  It is an encouragement, a daily reminder, to see our part in changing the world for good.  Too often, we may hope that someone else will do the good that is necessary.  How do we respond when God calls us to be the doers of good in the world around us? Rev. David Eardley preaches.

January 27, 2019:  Use me, God!  You can be the answer to other people’s prayers.  You have gifts to share with the world!Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

January 20, 2019:  How does the world change?  The world changes by individuals making choices.  For John Wesley, there were three simple rules that guided his small groups.  This week we consider the first rule: Do No Harm.  What does it mean, and how might we live with such a rule in mind?  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

January 20, 2019:Wow, God!  Open your eyes to see the wonders of God’s goodness.  Utter a simple prayer when you are amazed by God.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

January 13, 2019:  Mary Magdalene, Mary, and Salome are three women who loves Jesus.  They honored his commandments, prayed for his earthly ministry, and walked with him throughout life and death.  They reflected his everlasting love and walked in light of his teachings.  What can we learn from their faithfulness? Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

January 13, 2019: Meister Eckhardt, the German theologian, said, “If the only prayer you ever say in your life is ‘thank you’, it will be enough.” It’s a simple prayer with enormous benefits. Author Anne Lamott says that this prayer of gratitude is one of the three  prayers that gets us through the work of ordinary, daily life. How do we use this two word prayer?  Rev. Judy May preaches

January 6, 2019:  What path will 2019 have for you? Will you choose your path or let life simply happen? The New Year offers us the chance to consider the trail we are leaving after us. How can it be a trail to reflect Jesus and guide others? Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

January 6, 2019:  Help me, God!  Prayer anchors us in the midst of the storms of life.  You are steady and strong when you are with the Lord.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.