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January 2023 Services

January 29, 2023:   Do all religions believe almost the same thing? Do all faiths lead to the same place? What will happen to my family and friends who follow other faith traditions? What about heaven and hell? Join us as we discover faith in Jesus in a diverse world. Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

January 22, 2023:  Is the Bible God’s word? How does God speak to us through the Bible? Is the Bible infallible? What do we do with the contradictions we have seen in the scriptures? Is the Bible relevant today? Join us as we wrestle with these questions and more about the Bible and its role in our faith and life as Christians. Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

January 15, 2023:  Does God exist? Does God love me? How do we know? What is doubt and faith? Is it okay for faithful people to doubt? Join us as we reflect on how doubt can be the fertile ground of faith. Rev. Judy May preaches.

January 8, 2023:  What is baptism? What happens at baptism? The week, we’ll dive into the waters of Jesus’ baptism and rediscover who we are as we celebrate and remember our baptism together. Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

January 1, 2023:  Joseph is faced with a decision for his young family: move to Egypt with Mary and Jesus or risk the wrath of Herod. Forced to flee, the holy family became refugees in exile. In the land of Egypt, there is safety and a new beginning for them. The king of a nation is sent out into the world. Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

December 2022 Services

December 25, 2022:  Join us to celebrate on Christmas morning with a service of Lessons and Carols.  Rev. Dr. April Gutierrez leads worship.

December 24, 2022:  Christmas Eve 10 p.m. Candlelight service in the Sanctuary.  Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

December 18, 2022:  When Scrooge faces the Ghost of Christmas Future, he cringes in fear before his own grave and what is becoming of his life. He realizes what happens when there is not a change in his heart. Yet, the night always seems darkest before the dawn. When he awakes in the morning, Scrooge is given a second chance. How do we respond when we awake from our own fearful nights to a new morning?  Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

December 11, 2022:  The Ghost of Christmas Present forces Scrooge to look upon him and to know him better. While the ghost seems to have abundance, the ghost calls out the vast difference between those who experience abundance and those who live in poverty. God has a heart for those in poverty and injustice. In the Christmas story, we rediscover a God who meets us in those who live on the margins. Are you searching for God this Christmas? Join us as we look to the margins. Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.

December 4, 2022:  Christmas brings with it all the joy of the season. Yet, it also brings memories of lost dreams and times of struggle for others. When visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge had some regrets about his life. How does Christmas continue to break into our lives and bring hope from moments of heartbreak, shame, or regret?  Rev. Elbert Dulworth preaches.